Governance of Enterprise IT COBIT Services

COBIT 2019 Process Capability Assessments
  • Perform Process Capability Assessment for COBIT processes, based on COBIT 2019 PAM to determine the as-is / current capability level of each process in the framework.
  • Provide the client with a complete roadmap for achieving Target Capability level, and addressing any identified gaps in the processes under assessment.
  • Provide the client with an official reflection letter indicating the current capability levels achieved as per the performed assessment.
COBIT 2019 Adoption and Implementation Programs
  • Work on a complete COBIT adoption program, targeting specific Process Capability Levels.
  • Establish an IT Governance Framework covering; Roles and Responsibilities, Processes, Structures, Key Performance Indicators measuring the processes and their related goals, etc.
  • Provide full IT Governance documentation covering the IT Governance Manual, and proper process documentation that ensures consistent deployment of the processes as per the framework.
  • Work with the client on the process’s deployment as per the design phase and perform regular assessments for the deployment phase to reach the target capability levels.
COBIT Trainings and workshops

Provide comprehensive training programs, covering COBIT Foundation, COBIT Implementation, COBIT Assessments, COBIT for Risk, COBIT for assurance and IT Governance workshops for the top management.

Bridging to COBIT 2019 services

Provide full services to Bridge from COBIT 5 to COBIT 2019.

Complete set of services related to COBIT 2019

Complete services related to COBIT 2019, including but not limited to; COBIT adoption / implementation program, COBIT assessments, COBIT trainings...etc.

Governance of Enterprise IT COBIT Services

ComplyWave provides a complete set of services to bridge from COBIT 5 to COBIT 2019.